We’re on the road to save you Time and Money

DCS Manufacturing now comes to you! Introducing our brand new Sales & Spare Parts Van, on the road to bring you all your known and trusted DCS Products. Buy on site for your convenience. Contact your DCS representative and we will let you know when we will be in your area.

This Month’s Specials


1 MTR Tiger Tail with Rope

$105.00 + GST

3/8” Piranha Sewer Hose

5000psi x 60 MTR

$525.00 + GST

1” Piranha Sewer Hose 2500psi x 180 MTR

$2800.00 + GST

DCS Root Cutting Blades

20% off List Price

NDD Turbo Nozzle

(Rated to 5000psi)

$160.00 + GST each

ENZ Roto Drill 3/8”

$430.00 + GST


DCS Root cutter 1”

$1050.00 + GST each


ENZ Grenade 1”

$1180.00 + GST