Project Description

NDD – Non Destructive Digging Unit

Non Destructive Digging (NDD), also known as vacuum excavation and hydro excavation, is digging up the ground using high pressure water in conjunction with vacuuming of the mud slurry generated. This method of digging is essential for jobs where the locating of underground services (electricity, water, telephone etc.) is unknown and electrocution or other dangers exist. Because only water and vacuum is used, the possibility of damaging existing services is removed making potential dangerous jobs safe.

For further information, download our NDD Flyer – DCS NDD 8000 Series Flyer


  • 8000 litre stainless steel debris tank
  • 4000 litre water capacity
  • Overhead boom assembly, 180° rotation
  • Clutch power take off
  • Remote control module with pendant back up
  • Hydro pump – 200bar at 30lpm
  • Air injected vacuum pump – 2,300m3/hr @ 24“Hg (1,400 CFM)
  • Three ‘LED’ amber beacons – 2 rear – 1 forward
  • Two ‘LED’ rear mounted work lights
  • ‘LED’ compartment light
  • ‘LED’ Safety Directional bar
  • Hand gun with 1200mm extension and turbo nozzle
  • 30m x ½“ manual hose reel and hose
  • 150mm Vacuum pipe extension – 3 x 2m and 2 x 1m
  • 150mm Fluidising vacuum pipe
  • 150mm Rear door valve
  • Overweight sensor indicator
  • 4500kg Rated ball hitch


  • High debris shutdown
  • Low water shutdown
  • Emergency stop – 4 locations
  • System engagement security lock out
  • Sequence unloading protection
  • Rear door closing warning buzzer


  • Make:                   Volvo
  • Model:                 FM370
  • Type:                    6 x 4 rigid
  • Wheelbase:        4950mm
  • Build:                   DCS specifications


  • Make:                   Hino
  • Model:                 FM2632, 320hp
  • Type:                    6 x 4 rigid 
  • Wheelbase:        4950mm
  • Build:                   DCS specifications